solutions for interoperability


Interoperability is an ongoing pursuit to improve your existing state of affairs. It is certainly not a once and done thing. Healthcare IT News also underlines this view of Healthcare IT Interoperability. In Chasing the Tail of Interoperability Gary Palgon, the Vice President of Healthcare Solutions for Liaison Technologies, emphasizes how it is not a one time thing that one crosses off the list. This excellent article is a wake up call for those tasked with increasing an organization's Interoperability.

You don't go out and buy a software package and finish the process as if it was an accounting system one could purchase. You are never completely done. It is a weekly pursuit, an IT and business arhcitectural goal like SOA. In order to start Interoperability improvement, you have to know where you stand now and where you want to arrive.

Where to start

In an enterprise or in a single small business, one should start with an inventory of business processes, data models, software systems, databases, data standards, relevant data standards organizations, reference data files, and business partners.