Of all the people in Healthcare, we at HITOP, believe nurses have the most to contribute to interoperability requirements analysis.Healthcare professionals

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    The nurse’s focus on the response of the individual and family to actual or potential health problems has significant impact on patients/clients who receive care. There are 34.4 million hospital discharges, 116.8 million emergency department visits resulting in 4.8 days for an average length for a hospital stay (CDC, 2010). The need for the exchange of healthcare information by nurses between all sites of care and clinicians is crucial to prevention of errors and providing the best possible care. The value of interoperable electronic health records nursing data includes: 1. Availability of patient and clinical information prior inpatient admission or transfer 2.Early intervention minimized complications 3. Complete clinical information promotes safety and improved outcomes 4. Continuity of care for an interdisciplinary plans of care.

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